5 Ways to Inspire People and Change Their Life During Lockdown

 5 Ways to Inspire People and Change Their Life During Lockdown

5 Ways to Inspire People During Lockdown

Humans are awesome, but stories of people emptying supermarket shelves and dueling over toiler paper rolls paint a vague image of humanity amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

These are hard times for all, and even the smallest acts of kindness will have a positive impact.

Here’s how you can inspire people during the coronavirus crisis.

1. Join a mutual aid group

Thousands of mutual aid groups across the world are dropping off crucial supplies and helping those in need. You can be a part of a mutual aid group and support the most vulnerable during the crisis.

These include elderly people, people without family, and those with a disability or long-term health condition. If there are no aid groups in your area, consider setting up one by yourself.

Kenexon will soon be launching a Volunteer portal where you will be able to find volunteer opportunities to participate in such acts of kindness.

2. Help struggling local businesses

COVID-19 has crippled many local businesses, and some may even fail to find a way back. But there might be some businesses in the local area you can support.

It could be your favorite breakfast cafe, your go-to grocery dealer, a roadside bakery, or your local butcher. Unless you’re isolating yourself, get in touch with these businesses and see if you can help.

If these businesses are still operating, go and shop from them, even if you don’t need anything. Local vendors are struggling to make money, so purchasing their items will be no less than an act of community support.

3. Feed those in need

The shortage of food, water, and emergency supplies is one of the significant concerns amid the coronavirus crisis. The government is trying its best to help, but it’s not easy to cater to the needs of such a large population.

So, help the government by supporting your local food banks and authorities. You can also sign up for volunteer work for charity and work with organizations trying to help those in need.

Donate supplies, ask your local banks if they need anything. And, if you’re able to, consider a financial donation.

4. Write to lonely residents

Most people are forced to stay locked inside their homes. It’s hard, but it can be miserable for lonely residents. If you know any such people in your neighborhood, write them letters to show them they’re not alone.

If you don’t have any lonely residents in your area, pen letters to care home residents, who are in dire need of emotional support. This might not be volunteering work, but it’s an excellent way to spread positivity.

5. Get in touch with your friends

One benefit of the COVID-19 outbreak is that it has given us a break from our busy lives. Utilize this time to get in touch with your friends you haven’t talked to for long.

You never know what people are going through, and your one call might be all they need to get going. These acts of kindness can help you inspire other people and make this crisis less tormenting.


With so many people suffering, even the smallest acts of kindness can have a big positive impact. So, look for ways to help and inspire people during this lockdown.

If you’re not sure how to help, follow some social organizations on the Kanexon platform. You can also network with other like-minded good samaritans and offer your hand in spreading positivity.

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