How to Stay Away from Negativity on Social Media

 How to Stay Away from Negativity on Social Media

The key to avoiding negativity from social media is to stay away from trolls. No matter who you are and what you do, people will have problems. So, it’s better to ignore them.

When social media started in 1997, people used it as a medium to connect with other people and share joy. But now, the landscape of social media has entirely changed. It is now used in several ways, some of which can have negative impacts on your life.

So, how can you stay away from negativity on social media? Let’s find out.

Unfollow negative people

You are what you see, and on social media, you see what you follow. We all follow someone who is super negative and adds no value to our lives in terms of information or entertainment. But we still end up watching their content.

The first step towards eliminating negativity on social media is to unfollow accounts that have a negative impact on your mental health. These accounts can be of political supporters, hate communities, or just people who see life negatively.

Or better yet, use Kanexon, where you’ll find no such accounts and only positivity.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Here’s where most people go wrong. Imagine you’re having a bad day, and when you open Instagram, you see everyone enjoying their lives and going on vacations.

Firstly, don’t compare your first chapter with someone else’s tenth. They might’ve struggled more than you could ever imagine, and now they’re enjoying the results. Secondly, remember that what people show on social media are the highlights of their life. They don’t talk about or show their real-life problems and struggles.

So, don’t get demoralized by what others are doing in their lives.

Limit your social media consumption

Let’s face it – most people use social media to look into other people’s lives. It makes no sense at all. Instead, use your time to do something productive.

It’s okay if you’re using social media for business or gaining information. Twitter, for example, is a great platform to stay updated with the current trends. But if all you do is scroll your feed and see what others are doing, it’s best to limit your consumption. Ideally, one to two hours per day of social media is good enough.

Ignore the trolls

Thanks to netizens, trolling is becoming the new trend. There’s hardly any celebrity or influencer who hasn’t been trolled for their actions or opinions on social media. And trolling is no longer limited to famous personalities. Normal people also get trolled by their social media connections.

While mild trolling and constructive criticism are fine, sometimes trolling can turn into cyber abuse. If you share your opinion on something your followers don’t agree to, you might receive mean, aggressive, vulgar, and even threatening comments or messages.

There are laws against cyber abuse, but it makes no sense in engaging with such trolls. So, simply ignore such messages and delete them instead of wasting your time on anonymous cyberbullies.

However, it’s often impossible to entirely eliminate trolls. Here’s where Kanexon comes into play. It’s the only troll-free social media platform on the internet.

Bring a positive change

Positive starts with you. You cannot control what other people share or talk about, but you’re certainly in charge of what you share on your social media. Refrain from sharing hate speeches/symbols, trolling others, or giving your opinion on controversial topics.

Be a source of positive energy that attracts people. Publish content that elates, inspires, or entertains people. You can share motivational thoughts, beautiful images, or humorous videos. And soon, you’ll meet other people who have the same ideology as yours. Then, you can together create a positive space for one another.

Final thoughts

Social media is still a great place to gain information, connect with your friends, and see what other people are doing. But don’t let it be a driving force of your life. Treat it as a channel for entertainment instead of getting immersed in it emotionally.

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