Pros and Cons of Social Media on Mental Health

 Pros and Cons of Social Media on Mental Health

Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

There’s a never-ending debate on whether social media is good or bad. Well, there’s no clear answer to it, as it depends entirely on how you use it.

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons that social media can have on your mental health.


Let’s talk about the benefits first. Social media can have a positive impact on your mental health in the following ways:

Increases awareness

Social media is becoming a popular way to raise awareness about important issues and topics. Take, for example, the “black lives matter” trend. If there were no social media, billions of people from across the world would not be able to show their support to such initiatives.

Helps counter loneliness

While social media shouldn’t be your go-to place for combating loneliness, it can help. It allows you to connect with people and interact with them. Senior citizens are increasingly using social media to stay connected with the outside world.

Allows you to seek help

You might feel reluctant to discuss your problems with friends and family. Social media turns out to be a safe space where you can share your life problems with like-minded people without the fear of being judged.

Kanexon is one such platform. It’s a small community of helpful people with whom you can share your problems and get advice.

Maintains relationships

The world has changed, and it’s not possible for everyone to meet each other every week or month. Social media allows you to bridge this gap. It enables you to stay connected with your loved ones and maintain relationships with them even if you’re miles away.


However, social media can have a few ill-effects on your health. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Full of lies

Gone are the days when social media used to be transparent. Now, it’s full of lies and fake news. Engaging too much with fake news can pollute your mind and cloud your day-to-day judgments.

Can sometimes cause loneliness

People go to social media to combat loneliness, but sometimes, it can do the opposite. Social media is more like a show-off tool now, where people tend to share how happy and successful, they are in their life. If you’re going through a bad phase in life, interacting with such content can cause loneliness.

Can make you anti-social

Excessive use of social media can make you anti-social. Some people get so consumed in social media that they don’t realize there’s a real-world outside. Such behavior can make you anti-social and damage your personal relationships.

Cyberbullying and trolling

Trolling and cyberbullying are one of the newer, and one of the more awful trends of social media. Cyberbullying and trolling can adversely affect your mental health. Besides, cyberbullying is also linked to increased risk of depression and suicides among younger individuals.

The solution is to use a platform like Kanexon. It’s the first-ever social media platform with no trolling, abusing, or bullying – positivity only.

Final thoughts

Social media has its pros and cons, and its effects depend on how you use it.

However, most platforms are filled with negativity, and staying away from it is almost impossible.

If you’re willing to use social media in a way that boosts your mental health, join Kanexon.

Kanexon is the first-ever moderated social media platform with no trolling, cyberbullying, politics, or negative content.

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