5 Ways to Help Family/Friends in Their Journey with a Mental Illness

 5 Ways to Help Family/Friends in Their Journey with a Mental Illness

Seeing a loved one have severe mental illness can be stressful. It can be inducive, making you feel anxious and agitated. 

But it’s essential to stay calm and understand that your loved one needs your help. Here are a few ways to help your family/friends on their journey with a mental illness. 

Inform yourself

Depression is different from post-traumatic stress disorder, which, in turn, is different from bipolar disorder. Even depression is of several types, such as major, persistent depressive, psychotic, atypical, and more. And every mental and mood disorder is unique. 

So, the first step towards helping someone with a mental illness is to understand what they’re going through. 

Don’t start debates

In most cases, people suffering from mental illness won’t agree that they’re sick. If your loved one is doing the same, don’t force them to believe they’re sick. Listen to them. Understand what they think of what they’re going through. Get rid of the power struggle and focus on developing trust and rapport. 

However, there might be cases when your loved one is feeling suicidal or impulsively psychotic. In such cases, try to control them. If possible, seek medical help. 

Don’t guess

The brain is one of the most complex organs in our body. Therefore, mental illnesses can be very complicated. Don’t think you know the best, even if you feel you know a lot about the condition. 

Ask the person who’s suffering about what they want. Offer them your support. This way, you’ll come out as someone who wants to help, not someone who knows it all. 

This gives the suffering person room for self-awareness and empowerment. Also, once you get into a conversation, stick in. The other person might be difficult to talk to because people’s needs quickly shift when they’re mentally ill. 

Get counseling for yourself

Dealing with severe mental illness within a family or a close friend circle can be tormenting. Feelings of conflicts, anxiety, and anger can arise. 

It’s important to seek help from someone outside of your family or circle. A qualified therapist will be the best pick. A therapist can understand your situation and offer the correct guidance to deal with the situation. 

Have patience and empathy

Many people get depressed because they were treated harshly by the people around them. If you want to help, get rid of your impatience and anger. Recovery from mental illness can take time. Sometimes, even years. 

It’s essential to hang in there and offer the person with love, acceptance, and patience. Make them believe that you’re by their side no matter what. 


Helping someone with mental illness is not easy. It’s a challenge in itself. But with patience, empathy, and the right support, you can help your loved one recover. However, it’s equally important to treat yourself with kindness and have the belief that you can win this hurdle. 

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