We are half-year into this pandemic and are beginning to try living a para-normal life by adapting to this virus. We did learn a lot about this virus, the creation of vaccines, and even information about the last pandemic that the world saw, the Spanish Flu. Apart from these, Coronavirus taught us five crucial lessons.

We are super social
Critics always complain about how technology is isolating the youth. Since the lockdown, we realized that humans are very social and depend on each other for every single element of life. Most of us feel depressed to isolate inside our homes. However, social distance only means physical distancing. We still connect with our social circle through virtual platforms like Kanexon and other communication tools. Psychiatrists around the world have studies to prove that this distancing can cause mental stress.

We all are one
What could a virus that originated in China do to someone in Miami? Well, men divided landmass into continents, countries, and other political regions. Nature considers everyone the same. No human is superior, or no geographical location is advantageous to another. The connection between the corners of the world became too apparent when the pandemic spread from one continent to another within months. Virus taught us that we all are one. A problem that affects a single community in the world can affect everyone.

Bogus data is dangerous
This lesson is not something new, but humans tend to forget it. The Internet is full of blogs, which choose to spread anything that will gain them clicks. Some even advertised some indigenous herbs as a cure for this pandemic. On the other hand, scientists shared data derived from months of testing. Yet, people tend to believe the false news as it gave them a sliver of hope that pandemic will vanish with some magical herb.

We are not self-sufficient
Since barbers are not open, how many of us are sporting a beard out of no choice? We couldn’t even mend a button while we are savvy in some computer language. It is evident than we did not give importance to life skills and simple things that we need day-in and day-out. Every cobbler, mechanic, and gardener you took for granted would now feel very important. This situation makes us wonder whether our education system should give equal importance to vocational studies too.

Hope is virus-immune
While pandemic is crushing the world’s normalcy, humanity is still thriving and hopes to beat the virus with a vaccine, social distancing, and possibly, a cure. The world has seen many pandemic and epidemics in the past. Every time, humanity and science strived to bring back hope to the society and even make human more powerful. One day, we might become Corona-immune, just like pox, polio, and others.

Last but not least, this virus also showed the importance of handwash. How many of us just wetted our fingers in the name of handwash before? Today, we are consciously washing our hands and taking every single precaution possible. At last, Coronavirus did kill our ego, showing that even a single cell virus can terrorize a civilized social organism.

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