Houston Food Bank

 Houston Food Bank

Despite being a large metropolis and one of the major cities of the United States, Houston has a substantial imbalance when it comes to food security. In 2017, more than 16% of people in Houston reported being food insecure.
A survey also suggested that more than 700,000 individuals in Greater Houston are facing food insecurity. In Texas, one in seven Texans doesn’t have access to adequate food.
Houston Food Bank is a Houston-based non-profit organization serving more than a million food-insecure people in Texas counties.
Let’s delve into the mission and efforts of the Houston Food Bank.

The mission: Eliminate food insecurity
The Houston Food Bank serves more than 1.1 million food-insecure people in 18 southeast Texas counties. Food insecurity levels in the US are on a high. In 2017, 11.1% of households were food insecure, 4.3% of which had adverse food insecurity. The condition in Texas is even worse as it was ranked as the 11th most food insecure state in the US.
To address and overcome this problem, the Houston Food Bank took the initiative to distribute food and other essentials to those in need, thereby adding to the global goals of achieving high food security. To date, the charity organization has a nexus of more than 1,500 community partners.
Besides, the organization also aims at spreading positivity by helping others achieve long-term stability, health management, job training, and nutrition education.

The facility
Catering to the requirements of more than a million people requires a large facility. The Houston Food Bank has a 308,000-square-foot facility with a kitchen, food pantry, spacious warehouse, and conference center.
The award-winning food facility is renowned across the states for being one of the most exciting spaces in Houston. Every day, fresh meals are prepared on a large scale in the facility’s 10,000-square-foot Keegan kitchen.
In addition, the facility also offers volunteering opportunities to process and distribute food.

Giving it back to the environment
In addition to helping others and spreading positivity and good karma, the Houston Food Bank is playing its part in the global goals of following green practices. The facility runs on 440 solar panels, converting the bright sunshine of Texas into usable power. The solar panel network spread across 5,300 square feet on the facility’s roof lowers utility bills equivalent to three meals an hour.

Be a part of the change
The Houston Food Bank gives you the opportunity to do charity and spread positivity. Here are a few ways to contribute to the food bank’s initiatives.
• Donate funds: Each $1 provides a full meal to someone in need. You can give someone their next meal.
• Donate food: If you’re an industry partner or community food drive, you can give food to help the facility feed a million people every year.
• Give time: The Houston Food Bank also provides volunteering opportunities to help and feed those in need.

The Houston Food Bank is playing a pivotal role in eliminating food insecurity and making food for a better life. Check out Ways to Give if you want to be a part of the initiative.
To find more charity organizations and initiatives like the Houston Food Bank, check out Kanexon.

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