How is teamwork beneficial to your health?

 How is teamwork beneficial to your health?

Teamwork is obviously beneficial to your company and your career growth. Many collaboration tools even facilitate teamwork, even on a remote basis. The team need not be a large formal group. It can be an informal team and as small as two colleagues working together towards the same milestone. According to the American Psychologist journal, working as a team will make an individual successful, creative, and smarter.

Teamwork makes people happier
According to a survey of 1000 people who work in teams in different industries, 80% of the population is happier in working as a team. The happiness of teamwork rises from emotional well-being, the feeling of security, and the ability to be productive and efficient. Humans are social animals, and they biologically feel happier and safer as a team rather than as an individual.
What is the health benefit of staying happy? Happiness can help to improve your mental health. Happiness does not mean stress is absent. However, it gives the ability to overcome or nullify the stress. An individual who stays happy will have a healthy heart, normal blood pressure, and longer life.

Reduces fatigue
Some might take teamwork competitive, and some prefer to be a supportive cog. Either way, each individual can reduce workload and avoid fatigue. A Gallup study showed that the employees felt less fatigue in working as a team than individuals. It is evident that in teamwork, one shares the workload with others. This collaboration makes it easier to attain goals without burning the midnight oil, very often. A good sleep cycle is an integral part of being healthy.

When you can rely on someone to nullify your weakness, you become less stressed about your job. Chronic stress can lead to mental problems like a personality disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and others. Stress is also the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure irregularity, gastrointestinal problems, and others. In some cases, acute stress can lead to temporary medical conditions like migraines, eating disorders, weight gain, and others. Some individuals might seek alcohol or drugs to deal with stress, which leads to misuse or even fatal overdose.

Say, you work alone in a cabin from nine to five. How often would you laugh? When you work as a team, you can end up making jokes and even crack on a comical scenario. Laughter can boost emotional and mental health beyond the reduction of stress. A fit of laughter can relax your body muscle for 45 minutes. Since laughter reduces stress, the secretion of stress hormones will be lower, which leads to the betterment of your immune system.
Laughter also increases the secretion of endorphins, which is a natural pain-reliever. It also helps to keep your heart healthy. In short, working as a team can help you lead life healthier and longer.

If a group of people works as a team, there will always be a dynamic relationship. Some might harbor a good relationship, and some might be sour. There could be jealousy, anger, and resentment daily. However, as people work together for longer, they tend to create an ecosystem where they co-exist for each other’s wellness.

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