Top 5 Yoga Channels for Beginners

 Top 5 Yoga Channels for Beginners

Yoga is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between your body and mind. It’s a blend of meditation and physical workout that stimulates both your body and mind. If you’re not sure how to get started with Yoga, these best yoga channels for beginners can help. 

1. Body Positive Yoga

Body Positive Yoga is a channel founded by Amber Karnes that focuses on helping people overcome confidence and anxiety issues associated with size and physique. The channel’s description says that it’s dedicated to creaky joints, big bodies, and beginners. 

In addition to sharing the best yoga tips and tricks, Amber also talks about her emotional journey and how Yoga has brought a positive change to her life. The channel has 25.1k subscribers at the time of writing. 

2. Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra is a certified yoga instructor specializing in Yin Yoga. She carries over ten years of experience as a yoga trainer, and her channel comprises a comprehensive library of yoga videos for various poses and movements. Besides Yin Yoga, Kassandra shares videos on restorative, power, and Hatha Yoga. 

Her channel, Yoga with Kassandra, has 1.47 million subscribers at the time of writing. Her famous 30-Day Evening Yoga Challenge is an excellent starting point for beginners. 

3. Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim is a YouTube channel by Tim Sensei, a qualified yoga instructor. He has battled issues with self-confidence, negative self-image, and weight, and how yoga helped him overcome all of them. 

In his videos, Tim breaks down yoga classes and challenges into simple and straightforward steps, making them easy to follow for beginners. He comes up with interesting and innovative yoga workouts and challenges, one of which was his famous 30-day yoga challenge. His channel has 199k subscribers at the time of writing. 

4. Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a popular YouTube channel that has videos ranging from traditional Yoga to relaxation and feel-good exercises. The stand-out element of Boho Beautiful’s videos is beautiful backdrops, which make the video more fun and interesting to watch. 

If you’re searching for a channel with a varied range of yoga videos, Boho Beautiful is one of the best choices. You’ll find videos on Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Inspired, Yoga Workouts, Morning Yoga, and Hatha Yoga for beginners and pros. The channel has two million subscribers at the time of writing. 

5. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

The last channel on this list is Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga. The channel focuses on various yoga poses and yoga breathing exercises. Even though the videos are more intense and fast-paced than other channels discussed above, it’s not something beginners can’t follow. You can find an array of yoga videos on the channel, and the channel has 148k subscribers at the time of writing. 

Final thoughts

Yoga is something every person should incorporate into their lifestyle. But in order to avail of the real benefits of Yoga, you need to do it the right way. The channels mentioned above can help you begin your yoga journey. 

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