World Wellbeing Week: June 21 – June 30

 World Wellbeing Week: June 21 – June 30

Achieving mental, physical, and socio-economic wellbeing is the goal of all people. But people live busy, stressful lives, which can make achieving wellbeing a difficult task. In fact, a survey suggested that only 14% of American adults say they’re happy. 

The World Wellbeing Week is a global initiative that focuses on promoting various aspects of wellbeing, including physical, mental, social, financial, and more. Word Wellbeing Week returns for the third time in June 2021. 

Let’s discuss the importance of the day and what you can do to boost your overall wellbeing. 

World Wellbeing Week: On Overview

World Wellbeing Week is observed annually from June 21 to June 30. It originated in 2019 in Jersey, the Channel Islands, as a local event to promote wellbeing. Now, it has evolved into a global initiative that brings together numerous people, organizations, and NGOs. 

World Wellbeing Week recognizes and appreciates professional practitioners, charities, and social enterprises who are working towards helping people achieve wellbeing and lead a better quality of life. 

The event also acts as a platform for fundraising. The leading organizations in the wellbeing sector raise funds to help the quality of life of people in need. 

How to Achieve Wellbeing and Improve Your Quality of Life

Achieving wellbeing is a process, and you can embark on that journey by making small changes in your life. During this World Wellbeing Week, do the following things promote wellbeing and live a better quality of life. 

  • Take proper sleep: It goes without saying that good quality sleep is the key to overall wellbeing. Getting sufficient sleep maintains proper hormone levels and is essential for physical and mental wellness.
  • Eat right: What you eat has a major effect on how you feel. If you’re feeling irritated, agitated, and stressed, the chances are that you’re eating the wrong food. By replacing unhealthy foods with healthy, nutrient-rich foods, you can significantly improve your quality of life. 
  • Get enough sunlight: Not getting enough sunlight can cause the deficiency of vitamin D, which leads to problems like Seasonal Affective Disorder. It also restricts the release of endorphins – happy hormones. So, be sure to get some time in the sun every day.
  • Exercise daily: Regularly exercising does more than improving your physique. It enhances blood flow and blood oxygen level, thereby making you feel more energized. Exercising also improves brain activity. 
  • Avoid substance abuse: Having a drink once in a while is fine, but don’t let it become a necessity. Also, completely avoid tobacco and other drugs as they can do permanent damage to your brain and body. 
  • Keep your mind busy: As they say, an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Find ways to keep yourself busy and occupied. Read books, practice new hobbies, or do anything that makes you feel better. 

Final Thoughts

Living a happy and fulfilled life is a dream of many, but it’s becoming harder to achieve. By achieving wellbeing, you can be happy and enjoy your life. World Wellbeing Week is an initiative that focuses on promoting wellbeing in various aspects of life. 

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