World Mosquito Day

 World Mosquito Day

The majority of us have been bitten by mosquitos at some point in our lives. Most mosquito bites are not dangerous whereas others can cause deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria. Learning about these conditions and how to prevent them is essential for global public health. 

World Mosquito Day is annually observed on August 20 in order to create awareness about mosquitos and the diseases they carry. Here is all you need to know about the day. 

History and Significance

World Mosquito Day was established as a commemoration of Sir Ronald Ross. Ross was a British doctor, and he discovered that female mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans. Since then, the day has been observed as World Mosquito Day. 

Why Is World Mosquito Day Important?

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest organisms on the planet. They are responsible for killing over 700,000 people every year from various diseases. Some diseases caused by mosquitoes are:

  • Zika Virus: Also known as Zika fever, is a mosquito-borne disease caused by Zika virus. The symptoms of the disease are similar to dengue. These include fever, rash, conjunctivitis, headaches, and achy muscles. 
  • Dengue: Dengue fever is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases. Dengue is a deadly disease, and currently, around 40% of the population is at risk of dengue. Common symptoms of the disease include high fever, rash, joint pain, vomiting, and headaches.
  • Yellow Fever: Yellow fever is a viral condition characterized by fever, chills, muscle pains, nausea, and loss of appetite. The disease lasts for a few days. 
  • Chikungunya: Another viral infection, Chikungunya, is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The main symptoms of Chikungunya fever include joint pain, muscle pain, rash, headache, fatigue, and sudden-onset fever. 
  • Malaria: Malaria is a deadly disease caused by parasites transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. More than 200 million cases and 400,000 deaths occur from malaria every year. Symptoms of the disease include fever and flu-like illness. 

Here are some effective ways to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. 

  • Don’t let water stagnate in or around your home.
  • Keep your house and surroundings clean.
  • Use repellents and protective clothing.
  • Use mosquito barriers like mosquito screens or electronic devices.
  • Learn about mosquito-borne diseases and increase awareness. 

What Can You Do on World Mosquito Day?

The purpose of World Mosquito Day is to increase awareness of the diseases caused by mosquitoes and prevent them. The best way to celebrate it is by increasing awareness of the mosquito-borne disease in your circle. 

Here is how you can celebrate World Mosquito Day.

  • Tell your family members, relatives, and friends about mosquitoes and the diseases they spread. Also, inform them on how they can prevent mosquito-borne diseases. 
  • Create awareness of mosquito-borne diseases online by sharing helpful information on social media or blogs. 
  • Support a nonprofit organization working towards preventing and fighting mosquito-borne diseases. You can either volunteer your time with them or donate money. 


Mosquito bites can be deadly, but by taking proper precautions, you can avoid them and save yourself from life-threatening diseases. World Mosquito Day is an initiative to increase awareness of mosquito-borne diseases and how to prevent them. 

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