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Greatest Changemakers of All Time

A changemaker is a person whose actions bring about a positive change in society. This change can be the discovery of something important or a positive change to society. Over the years, many changemakers have tried to make a difference.  Today, let’s look at the top ten greatest changemakers of all time.  Malala Yousafzai Malala […]Read More


Top 10 Most Useful Innovations of 2021

After an intimidating 2020, 2021 has been significantly better. The pandemic has subsided, and life is back on track for most people worldwide. This year has also been a year of innovations, especially in the medical field.  Let’s look at the top ten most useful innovations of 2021. Presymptomatic Detection Presymptomatic detection means detecting disease […]Read More


Houston Tech Rodeo 2020

What’s common between Houston Tech Rodeo and Kanexon? Both launched in 2020 in Houston, a Diverse city, also known as the Culinary and Cultural Capital of the South because of its diversity. The Tech Rodeo was hosted by Houston Exponential, an organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Houston’s innovation ecosystem. The idea was to […]Read More