Share your Organization's Cause

We want to partner with Organizations that are focused on doing good for the community and share their Cause in a positive manner. Sharing your Cause on a platform that will promote the goodness, happiness and inspiring acts of your Organization!

Solutions for your Cause

To join Kanexon as an Organization, we will need some details about your Organization and the Cause(s) you support! Please be sure to give all the details that we require to speed up the approval process, any details that are left out will take additional time to approve and may cause your application to join Kanexon to be denied.

  • Becoming a Verified Organization - your Org must be Verified to join our Platform to protect our Users

  • Organization Dashboard - be able to manage events, ask for donations and other tools to communicate with constituents.

  • Health experts are warning that popular social media platforms are causing a "negative" effect on a user's well-being. Kanexon is looking to change that by focusing on positive and inspiring content.

  • All content posted is moderated by a team of volunteers to make sure it abides by our Terms of Use. Content that is flagged will be reviewed by Kanexon Champions, a team of unbiased Good Samaritans.

Orgs we want to Partner with

We believe that sharing positivity and inspiring stories will motivate others to pass goodness forward. We want to Partner with Organizations that exude and share our core values, including bringing awareness for Causes such as climate change, social needs, fighting poverty and promoting equality, etc.

Non-Profit Organizations

Community Organizations

Social Organizations

Government Bodies

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Promote Your Cause

Using social media for spreading awareness about your Cause

55% of social media users who engage with Non-Profits, Non-Government, Social and Community Organizations will take actions via volunteering, donating, and spreading more awareness to your Cause!

  • Spread your Cause with inspiring stories and content to motivate your constituents.

  • Sharing your Org's acts of kindness can show your constituents the appreciation and commitment to your Cause by bringing awareness to organized events and community projects.

  • Increase your organization's reach by spreading happiness and acts of positivity. The world needs more Organization's to spread happiness and turn social media into a more positive experience.

  • Become a Verified Organization and receive special perks, such as the Organization Dashboard

  • Share your acts of kindness to your other social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Please review the Terms of Use for acceptable content.

Get Verified

If your Org wants to stand out, we need to make sure that you are an actual Organization! So get verified.

Receive Donations

Your Organization will be able to network with donors and receive donations through our platform.

Create online Events

Create community events to invite your well-wishers and network of constituents to bring awareness to your Cause.

Our Inspiration
Famous quotes that guide us

Kanexon was launched with an obective to make Social Media a positive experience. Our platform is inspired by these famous quotes from some world renowned thought leaders. Here are some of them:

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Let's make your social media experience more positive.

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