Who We Are

Let's change the world with Positivity!

Kanexon started as a platform to draw attention to social causes and provide them the resources they needs to grow and scale their initatives. Kanexon has a special focus on organizations working on UN identified sustainability development goals (SDGs). The goal of Kanexon is to put the focus back on people and planet so that we can build stronger and sustainable communities around the world.

Our message to users is simple; The goal of our life is to be happy and happiness comes from helping others and spreading positivity. So, let's be positive, get inspired, do good deeds and support social impact initiatives in your own communities. One act of kindness can make a big difference to someone, somewhere!


Our Crew Members

We are a passionate team that strongly believes that Kanexon is our mission to change the world with positivity!

Yogesh Kondaskar
Co-founder & CEO
Nitesh Agarwal
Co-founder & CTO
Kailah Romine
Co-founder & COO
Kunal Bhaskar
CSR Program Manager

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