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Solutions for Changemakers to support positive change and help build a strong and sustainable future.

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What is Kanexon?

Comprehensive Platform for Social Impact and Climate Action

Platform for Users

Positive Social Network

Kanexon has launched the world's 1st Positive Social Network that offers a variety of enriching content aimed towards socially conscious, positive individuals looking to inspire and create postive change. Share your love of positivity, motivational messages, and ideas for social change. Interact directly with NGO’s, Changemakers and Social Organizations that are leading the way for the common good of the society, and learn how you can support their causes.

Kanexon is designed to ensure the safety and integrity of its users. Kanexon is a fully monitored and moderated Social Network with zero tolerance for negativity, harassment, bigotry, or discrimination. The platform is intended to be a safe space for sharing kindness and happiness.

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Solutions for Nonprofits

NGO Operations Management

NGO Hub is a portal to discovery NGOs and NGO Dashboard is an easy-to-use cloud based SaaS platform designed to improve donor, volunteer and well-wisher experience while reducing your team's efforts. Manage donor info, track every interaction and provide effective communication using the Donor CRM. Use the Volunteer Manager to find and onboard volunteers and manage their efforts. Optimize your outreach with the world, with just a single platform that supports all your digital communication needs.

NGO Hub will be available in Q4 2021. Sign up now to get notified about early access.

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Our Goal

Be the Platform for Change


As a community, we need to embark on a journey together to lead the way for social change. Kanexon provides changemakers the resources they need to achieve their goals.

UN Global Goals

UN's Sunstainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework to build a better future. Kanexon brings awareness and much-needed attention to these critical issues around the world.

Build Resilient

Kanexon allows you to discover local and global NGOs, learn about their events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and connect with other like-minded Kanexions.


The negativity online is resulting in anxiety and depression, especially in younger people. Kanexon provides a safe space online by blocking negative content.


Kanexon is built on the idea of karma. When we do good karma and help others we get 10x happiness in return. So, let's be kind and support social impact.

How we support Social Impact

Kanexon is a comprehensive platform for Social Impact that is bringing individual changemakers, social and community organizations, NGOs, nonprofits, and CSR foundations together to solve some of the key challenges faced by the world today. Kanexon is on a mission to help people find their purpose and change the world with positivity.

Impact Social Network

Kanexon is a virtual safe space for positive change to begin, prosper, and thrive.

Software Tools (SaaS)

Our SaaS tools simplify NGO operations so you can focus on growing your cause.

Curated Content

Kanexon Blog provides tips, ideas and useful info to organize efforts for change.

Social Responsibility

How can you make a difference?

  • Get Inspired and Spread Positivity

    Watch curated positive content from your favorite changemakers and share your kindness with the world.

  • Be the Change

    Change has to start from us. Kanexon is a platform where Changemakers like YOU can influence shift in our society.

  • Support Sustainability

    Support social and community organizations that are working on sustainable development initiatives.

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Experts believe that positivty will bring happiness!

Research suggested that the hate and negativity online is affecting people's mental health. On the other hand, there is ample evidence that shows that consuming positive content will make our life happy. Kanexon offers content that is not only positive, but also enriching. So, why wait? Get started right now!


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