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Social Networking Redefined!

Kanexon is the ONLY Social Networking platform with a purpose that is focused on creating a safe space to spread positivity and happiness while inspiring users to support Social Impact.

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Happiness starts from our heart and is multiplied when shared

Simple acts of kindness and gratitude have the potential to brighten someone's day and inspire others to follow suit.


Browse acts of kindness shared by the people around you. Get inspired and be inspiring.


Manage events, connect with volunteers, donors and grow your development initiatives.


Manage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and support social organizations.

Why Kanexon
The social platform with a heart

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Become a Karma Yogi.
Connect with like-minded, positive and inspiring people and organizations around the world.

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Get Inspired.
View positive content that is moderated by AI/NLP bots to encourage you to do good deeds.

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Support Sustainability
Support social and community organizations that are working on sustainable development initiatives.

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Spread Happiness!
Share your stories with the world, let's change the world with positivity!

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Share Your Stories
Inspiring the world, one post at a time

Human's are compassionate by nature, it has been confirmed by the latest findings in neurosience and psychiatry research. People who spread happiness and acts of kindness are more likely to inspire others to share their compassion and kindness.

We do many acts of kindness in our day to day lives. Let's share these stories with others so we can inspire more people to do good deeds. The more kindness and acts of selflessness you share, the more motivated others are to do and share more good deeds!

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Our Inspiration
Famous quotes that guide us

Kanexon was launched with an obective to make Social Media a positive experience. Our Platform is inspired by some famous quotes from world renowned thought leaders. Here are a few to think about:

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Let's make your social media experience more positive.

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