International Clean Air Day

 International Clean Air Day

Air pollution kills nearly 7 million people worldwide, and with pollution levels increasing, this number will only rise in the upcoming years. Air pollution is a serious issue. It can cause severe lung damage, resulting in diseases like emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, and even cancer. 

Therefore, everyone needs to take a collective stance on reducing air pollution and making the air clearer. International Clean Air Day (ICAD) is a global initiative aimed to reduce the effects of air pollution. 

Here’s all you need to know about International Clean Air Day. 

International Clean Air Day: An Overview

ICADis recognized by the United Nations (UN) as a part of their UN Environment Program initiative. The day is observed on September 7 every year, and this year will be the 2nd year of the event. 

The general theme of the event is “Clean Air for All,” which is also a sustainable development goal. The event brings together various countries, governments, and nonprofits to increase awareness of air pollution and discuss actionable steps to reduce it. 

Shocking Facts about Air Pollution

Here are some shocking air pollution facts you should know about. 

  • 92% of the world’s population lives in areas affected by air pollution.
  • Air pollution is the fourth-largest threat to human health after smoking, dietary risks, and hypertension.
  • 94% of all deaths associated with air pollution occur in low and medium-income countries.
  • Air pollution costs the global economy more than $200 billion in lost labor income.
  • 10 mcg is the recommended PM2.5 (particulate matter concentration) by WHO; however, most countries exceed it. 

How to Observe International Clean Air Day

Fighting air pollution isn’t a once-a-year event. Every human being must stand against air pollution and play a role in making the air cleaner. However, if you’ve always wanted to join the “clear air” movement, International Clean Air Day will be the right event.

Here’s how you can observe International Clean Air Day.

Use Public Transport

Privately-owned motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution worldwide. Using public transport whenever possible is a great way to limit your environmental impact and reduce air pollution. 

Don’t Waste Electricity

The more electricity you use, the more electricity providers will need to produce. Creating electricity isn’t an environment-friendly process and causes a lot of air and water pollution. Cutting down your electricity usage or using renewable energy sources is a great way to reduce air pollution. 

Support Air Pollution Organizations

You can only do so much as an individual, especially when the issue is widespread on a global scale. You can enhance your impact by supporting nonprofits working on reducing air pollution. Volunteering your time and donating money are the most effective ways to support nonprofits.


Air pollution is a growing global concern, and the UN considers air cleaning as one of its sustainable development goals. International Clean Air Day is a global initiative that encourages everyone to reduce air pollution. You can also join this movement by reducing your environmental impact and supporting charity organizations. 

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