Greatest Changemakers of All Time

 Greatest Changemakers of All Time

A changemaker is a person whose actions bring about a positive change in society. This change can be the discovery of something important or a positive change to society. Over the years, many changemakers have tried to make a difference. 

Today, let’s look at the top ten greatest changemakers of all time. 

Malala Yousafzai

Malala was the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at only 17 years old for her stance against the Taliban and their crimes against human rights. After being shot by the Taliban at 15, Malala has been a prominent human rights activist and a proponent of female education.

Michelle Obama

Michelle was the first African-American First Lady and wife of 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Known as the “Mom in Chief”, Michelle inspired a whole generation to combat childhood obesity with her “Let’s Move Campaign”.

Hugo Junkers

Not many people know that the first aeroplane created wasn’t fit for commercial use. Hugo Junkers was a German engineer who designed and engineered the world’s first passenger aircraft, and commercial travel changed completely. Without Junkers, we would not have been able to take our family vacations and visit the wonders of the world.

Marie Curie

If you’ve studied science, you’ve probably already heard of Marie Curie. If not, Marie Curie was a Polish scientist who discovered radium and polonium. Marie’s discoveries set the stage for X-ray technology, which completely changed the healthcare industry. 


Cleopatra, the ancient queen of Egypt, was one of the most famous rulers and female leaders of all time. She ruled Egypt for almost three decades and gained recognition for her negotiation and political skills. She also influenced fashion in numerous ways. 

Ismail al-Jazari

Ismail al-Jazari was a Turkish scientist who laid the foundation of modern mechanics. His book “A Compendium on the Theory and Useful Practice of Mechanical Arts” inspired the present-day design, technology, and engineering practices. 

Leonardo Da Vinci

Regarded as the smartest man to ever live, Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian genius who gave “art” to the world. He even helped the world understand human anatomy, and he also predicted flight 400 years before it happened.

Wangari Maathai

Wangari was the first environmentalist and African Woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. From being beaten to being jailed for being a part of Kenya’s Democracy Movement, Wangari has overcome her struggles and hardship to encourage women to plant trees as a way of creating more oxygen for the world. With more than 45 million trees already planted around the world so far, Wangari has created jobs for the poor, fought deforestation and combated erosion.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest military and political leaders of all time. During his reign, he conquered a significant part of Europe. He introduced several laws and changes to society. He also developed the metric system. 

Mahatma Gandhi

The man behind India’s independence from British colonial rule, Mahatma Gandhi, was an Indian activist who changed the world through his non-violent and non-cooperation approach. He inspired the world to bring harmony, justice, and peace. 

Final Thoughts

The world is full of changemakers who have played their part in advancing the world and making it a better place. Many changemakers exist today who are working towards creating a better world. 

Who is your favourite changemaker, and why?

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