RESQ Charitable Trust: Creating a Better World for Street Animals

 RESQ Charitable Trust: Creating a Better World for Street Animals

Animal cruelty has been the talk for decades. Many people voice their opinions against animal cruelty, but a handful of them take action. RESQ is one of them. 

RESQ is a charitable organization that treats and animals on the streets of India. Here’s a quick overview of the RESQ Charitable Trust. 

RESQ Charitable Trust: An overview

RESQ is a Pune, India-based nonprofit organization with the objective of reducing human-animal conflict on the streets. Established in 2007, RESQ has rescued more than 66,000 injured and sick street animals. 

The organization has also vaccinated more than 55,000 animals against rabies. As of 2020, RESQ has more than 250 centers devoted to animal healing and rabies-related research. 

The belief

RESQ follows the belief of replacing neglect and indifference with sensitivity. They’re developing a request-response system to make people a part of the process. In addition to providing help, they’ve also taken the initiative to educate people regarding how animal rescue works and why everyone should contribute to it. 

The RESQ Charitable Trust abides by the following values:

  • Proactive activism: The organization believes in being proactive and helping animals through direct action. 
  • Moderation: RESQ focuses on demolishing extremism and promoting harmony between humans and animals.
  • Setting animal care standards: The organization is continuously raising the quality and standards of healthcare and medical care provided to street animals. 
  • Public involvement: RESQ is also trying to involve as many people as possible in their initiative of helping animals. 

What animals does RESQ rescue?

RESQ rescues only animals that are injured, sick, homeless, or unowned. These include dogs, cows, cats, pigs, goats, sheep, birds, horses, and donkeys. The organization also provides aid to other organizations working towards animal rehabilitation and rescue. 

RESQ during COVID-19

COVID-19 has been harsh, not only for humans but for animals, too. Street animals mainly rely on food disposed of by people. But after lockdown imposition, most animals didn’t have access to any food at all. 

Through the lockdown, the team of RESQ reduced abandoned pets, sick dogs, horses, donkeys, kittens, and leopards. The organization also distributed 33,000 kg food and 300,000 meals across its network of volunteers to feed animals. 

By June-July, the team of RESQ had rescued over 200 animals, including both wild and domestic. The team traveled hundreds of kilometers to rescue animals from areas that were hit by the Cyclone Nisarga. 

Although the lockdown has been lifted, RESQ is working under strict social distancing and other safety measures. But what hasn’t changed is their promise to animals. The helplines are still on, and they’re treating and rescuing domestic and wild animals. 

Final thoughts

India has one of the highest numbers of street animals in the world. Dogs, cats, cows, and pigs can be easily found on the streets of almost any city. These voiceless creatures often have to face the neglect and cruelty of humans. 

Since 2007, RESQ has been working towards helping street animals and changing the human-animal relationship in India. 

You can help RESQ with its initiative in numerous ways. You can be a donor, sponsor, adopter, or a volunteer. 

Click here if you want to help RESQ.

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