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Top 5 CSR Trends of 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in itself is a major trend in the business landscape. Earlier, social responsibility was limited to enterprises, with companies like Google and Microsoft leading the way. However, as the social and environmental impact has become essential for customers, startups and small businesses are developing CSR strategies.  Several new trends are reshaping […]Read More


Top 10 Most Socially Responsible Companies of 2021

Gone are the days when only nonprofits and social activists talked about social impact. Socially responsible business has become the norm in the 21st century, as everyone from new startups to Fortune 500 companies are improving their corporate social responsibility (CSR). TOMS TOMS is a footwear brand that uses sustainable materials and transparent supply chain […]Read More


Positive CSR: How Can Companies Be More Responsible?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has emerged as an area of priority for many organizations across the globe. Here is a quick guide to CSR, its benefits, and how companies can increase their CSR.  What Is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes a set of practices a company follows to be socially accountable to the public […]Read More