5 Apps to Help with Relaxation

 5 Apps to Help with Relaxation

Is your stress-thinking keeping you awake at night or blocking you from paying attention to the task on hand? Are you mad at the world or a specific person around you? How about changing the whole scenario at the tap of a single button? Yes. Such an escape solution is available to everyone. It is not safe to pop in medicines to relax your mind when the following five apps can give the right dose of relaxation with absolutely no side effects.

10% Happier

10% Happier is for fidgety skeptics, according to the website. This app helps to create a customized meditation session. You can use this app to clutter-free your daily schedule, find time for relaxation, motivational videos, and meditation. Visualization helps to create an ideal calming environment, allowing you to become mindful and relaxed. The guided meditation sessions of this app are short, so you need not worry about your busy schedule.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle helps you to relax as you wake up. This app is an advanced alarm clock that wakes you up in phases before the actual alarm. This app uses an accelerometer to detect light sleep and sets out a periodic alarm, allowing you to be very fresh when you wake up.


Kanexon is a social media platform, which aids in relaxation. It might look confusing as renowned psychiatrists have studies conducted to provide that social media platform usage increases depression, anxiety, and other stress-related problems. However, Kanexon helps you connect with inspiring people, get motivated with positive posts, read and share appreciative stories, and spread nothing but happiness. Compassion comes from humans, and Kanexon helps you to get inspired and share that compassion with others.


The app helps to guide you through relaxation. The voice narration and the soothing background music guide you to relax your muscles, boost your somatic awareness, regulate breathing, and more. The narrative and music have scientific proof to improve relaxation. You can choose one of the three modes (focus, nap, and sleep) based on your requirements. Thus, it is one app for your entire day’s need for relaxation.


Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, developed a reflective teaching based app for relaxation. This app helps to reduce anxiety through targeted meditation and exercise. The app contains an extensive library of exercises; each one focused on specific benefits. The app also offers a ten-day basics program for free. Thus, if you are skeptical about how useful the meditation is, you can experience it.

According to an intensive study conducted on subjects in their early 20s, one year of high-frequency phone usage lead to an increase in symptoms of depression and sleep deprivation in both genders. It is not because of the device, and it is about what you see and how you use it. It is time to ditch platforms and apps that allow you to compare and sneak into others’ life. The phone is a powerful device, and it is time to use it for our betterment. A relaxed life helps you to keep your heart healthy, blood pressure under control, avoid mental conditions (depression and anxiety), fatigue, anger, and others.

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