5 Everyday Things That Can Help Reduce Pollution

 5 Everyday Things That Can Help Reduce Pollution

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution accounts for more than 4 million deaths every year.
We all know about the havoc pollution is causing on the planet earth. Yet, here we are, wondering how we can help.
If you really want to help, here are five everyday things you can do to reduce pollution.

Ditch Your Car
The US Environmental Protection Agency stated that highway vehicles emitted almost 19 million tons of carbon monoxide. It’s a gas that facilitates the synthesis of ozone and carbon dioxide. These are greenhouse gases, which increase the earth’s temperature. Besides, carbon monoxide is toxic, and inhaling it in large amounts can be hazardous.
In addition to carbon monoxide, motor vehicles also emit hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and nitrogen dioxide, contributing to air pollution.
Thus, the easiest step you can take to reduce pollution is to ditch your car and use public transport. Subway, for example, produces less pollution compared with petrol-run or diesel-run cars.

Wisely Choose Your Household Products
People are taking steps to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. More people have started using the subway and public transport instead of privately-owned vehicles. But another major cause of pollution that people tend to ignore is the one caused by household products, like kitchen cleaners, shampoos, hair sprays, etc.
These products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute significantly to air pollution. So, when you shop for such products, always look for the or EPA’s “Safer Choice” or “Low VOC” label.

Reduce Pesticide and Fertilizer Consumption
Using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers can make your lawn look amazing. But it can hurt the environment. Synthetic pesticides are non-biodegradable. They deteriorate the habitat and food chain of birds and insects. The same goes for fertilizers containing nitrates and phosphates.
While pesticides and fertilizers are essential for lawn care, less harmful alternatives are available. For example, you can install a bird or bat house to combat bugs on your lawn. Similarly, you can use organic fertilizers and manure instead of chemical-based products.

Lawnmowers and Electricity Generators
Lawnmowers may seem smaller, but they can account for pollution that’s a lot higher than vehicles. By pouring in gasoline and turning on the mover, you can pump a significant amount of smoke and pollution into the air. The same goes for electricity generators that run on gasoline.
An easy fix to this problem is to use electric lawnmowers. Or better, you can hire an eco-friendly lawn mowing service provider to reduce pollution.

Reduce Land Waste
We, as humans, throw out a lot of land waste. In 2015, Americans threw more than 250 million tons of solid waste. Most of the solid waste that you throw away ends up in landfills. These landfills are a major air pollution source as they contributed to almost 14% methane emissions in 2016.
The key here is to make sure your solid waste doesn’t end up in landfills. Try composting the organic waste instead of simply throwing it away. When it comes to non-biodegradable items, be sure to purchase products made with recycled material.

While pollution is a global concern, the change begins with you. By implementing minor changes in your lifestyle, you can cut down the pollution. And collectively, we humans can defeat pollution, which for now looks unassailable.
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