The Great British Beach Clean 2021

 The Great British Beach Clean 2021

The Great British Beach Clean is a national event in Britain where people gather on various beaches in the UK to clean them and make them litter-free. Beach pollution is a major issue in the UK and the rest of the world. This week-long event from September 17 to September 26 encourages people to clean the beaches and make them more welcoming for everyone. 

Here is all you need to know about the Great British Beach Clean 2021. 

Beach Pollution Is A Rising issue

Beach pollution is an emerging problem across the world. People often throw plastic and other pollutants on the beach, which makes the area look dirty and unwelcoming. Moreover, some of the waste seeps into the oceans, where it is consumed by marine animals like turtles and fish. These waste items can be hazardous to marine life. 

Here are some facts about beach and ocean pollution. 

  • Oil spills only account for 12% of the entire ocean pollution. More than three times of that comes via runoff from the roads. 
  • Humans dump over 8 million tons of plastic in the oceans every year – equivalent to 57,000 blue whales. Moreover, it’s projected that ocean plastic will outweigh all marine creatures by 2050.
  • Plastic is more dangerous than you thought. In addition to making the beaches look dirty and posing a hazard to marine creatures, it can break down into smaller pieces (microplastic) and pass through the food chain. If you eat seafood, the chances are that you are already consuming plastic in small amounts. 
  • Most ocean plastic sits at the seafloor, which is so deep that we may never be able to clean it. 

Importance of the Great British Beach Clean 2021

With plastic posing such a threat to humankind and marine life, the Great British Beach Clean is an important event that encourages people to clean local beaches. This week-long long event sees thousands of people from all over the UK gathering on their local beaches and cleaning them throughout the week. 

How has it impacted beach pollution in the UK? The event was introduced in 1975 and is currently organized and managed by the Marine Conservation Society. The group runs numerous high-profile campaigns every year to promote awareness of beach pollution.

What Can You Do on Great British Clean 2021?

Even if you don’t live in Britain, you can use the Great British Clean 2021 as an opportunity to clean beaches in your area. If you have a beach nearby, go with a bunch of your friends and collect all the garbage you can. If you don’t have beaches in your area, you can support this campaign by joining or donating to the Marine Conservation Society. 

Final Thoughts

Beaches are among the favourite hang-out spots for people. Sadly, they’re also some of the most polluted places in the world. The impact of beach pollution isn’t limited to humans; it extends to marine life. By supporting the Great British Beach Clean 2021, you can play your part in reducing beach pollution and making beaches and oceans trash-free. 

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