5 Small Efforts That Can Save a Lot of Energy

 5 Small Efforts That Can Save a Lot of Energy

As the global population continues to grow, energy consumption is increasing at a drastic rate. This has emerged as a major sustainability crisis. With natural resources depleting, it’s hard to determine the period till we will continue to enjoy a consistent supply of electricity and energy.
The only solution to this rising leakage of energy is to reduce energy consumption. Here are five easy ways to save a substantial amount of energy daily.

Turn Off the Fans and Lights
We, as humans, often forget to turn off the lights and fans. While turning off a small bulb might not seem like much, it can help you save 1.2 cents per hour.
The same goes for fans. But when it comes to fans, we often leave them turned on, expecting them to cool the air in the room. It doesn’t work that way.
A fan merely directs the air in the room towards you at a greater pace. So, if the air in your room is hot, turning on the fan will result in hot air. So, turn off the fans and lights when you leave out of the room.

Adjust the Drapes and Window Shades as per the Weather
When it’s hot outside, your thermostat will need to spend more energy cooling down the room. Same way, if it’s cold outside, it’ll require more energy to maintain a higher temperature.
You can reduce this unnecessary thermostat energy consumption by adjusting your window shades. If it’s winter but sunny outside, you can lift the shades to allow sunlight to enter your house. This will make your house naturally warmer, and the thermostat will need to put in less energy.
Similarly, if it’s summer and hot outside, you can drop the window shades to avoid sunlight and make your house cooler.

Wash Clothes with Cold Water
You may haven’t realized, but a lot of energy goes into heating the water. Coldwater works just fine for washing clothes, so hot water isn’t required. Hence, unless the water is brutally cold, stick to cold water for washing clothes and utensils.

Wrap Food Items and Drinks in the Refrigerator
When you put food items and drinks in the refrigerator, they release moisture. This moisture slows down the cooling process, forcing the refrigerator to work harder to ensure cooling. Thus, more energy needs to be consumed.
Before putting your items in the fridge, take a moment to wrap them with plastic paper or aluminum foil. A better idea is to put the items in a reusable plastic container, so you don’t have to put on the wrap again and again.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances
Amid the increasing need for energy-saving, many electronics brands have launched energy-efficient appliances, including fans, lights, and thermostats. Besides, when your home appliances get older, they tend to consume more energy. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace your existing, outdated appliances with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives.

Reducing the per-house energy consumption is the only sustainable way to save energy. If you want to play your part in saving energy, follow the tips mentioned above.
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