Mental Health Check Just checking in! Use this day to reconnect with yourself and reflect with your feelings.

 Mental Health Check Just checking in! Use this day to reconnect with yourself and reflect with your feelings.

Are you living a busy life? It’s a good thing, as it means you’re making something of your life. But being busy has one major drawback. You don’t get time to connect with yourself. 

Let’s discuss why reconnecting with yourself is crucial and how you can do it. 

Why Checking in On Yourself Is Crucial?

Reconnecting with yourself and reflecting on your feelings essentially refer to knowing yourself better. It’s all about getting an insight into your brain and mental health. 

Now, why is it essential to reconnect with yourself? Because we live busy lives, and we rarely spend quality time with “ourselves.” Most of our time goes to work or study. If we’re able to spare some time, we give it to our family or friends. 

We’re not really sparing time for ourselves. Hence, we’re not able to reflect on our feelings and check our mental health. Are there things in life that are bothering you? Are you sad, depressed, or angry about something? How would you find out if you won’t connect with yourself? Therefore, it’s crucial to spend some time with yourself. 

How to Reconnect with Yourself?

Now, how can you reconnect with yourself? Here are four ways to do so. 

Understand Your Motivation

First things first, understand what drives you. What makes you feel the most alive? What’s your purpose in life? People lead their entire lives without a purpose. It’s essential to find what pushes you and what you want in life. 

Reconnect Emotionally

Recognize your emotions and connect with them. Don’t try to be someone else, especially in your own eyes. Listen to the inner voices, raw and unadulterated. When you connect with yourself emotionally, you identify your true self and who you really are. 

Reconnect Physically

Physically connecting with yourself is also critical. Your body is a holy place. Keep it clean and healthy, and it’ll continue to reward you for all your life. There are numerous ways to connect with your physical self. You can exercise, dance, swim, jog, run, or do anything that makes you feel connected to your body. 

Reconnect Mentally

Lastly, reconnect with yourself mentally. Please note that it’s not the same as reconnecting emotionally. The emotional aspect involves understanding how you feel in certain situations. The mental aspect is more about your behavior and attitude. How you think about certain things. 

This also includes negative and positive self-talk. You can reconnect with yourself mentally by asking yourself questions like:

  • What do I love?
  • What am I most happy about in my life?
  • What am I most proud of in my life?
  • What am I enjoying the most?
  • What problems am I facing?


There are numerous techniques to reconnect with yourself emotionally and mentally. You can do meditation, listen to music, go on a vacation, and more. The key is to understand yourself better, including the things that drive you, things that make you happy, and things that turn you off. 

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