Superheroes Day: Be a Superhero in Someone’s Life

 Superheroes Day: Be a Superhero in Someone’s Life

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You may not be donning the Superman outfit, but you’re a superhero. Being a superhero is all about your mentality and the actions you take in life. Find a cause to fight and help those in need of a superhero.

On this Superheroes day, try to become a superhero in someone’s life.

Use the Things You Have to Help Someone Who Doesn’t

Do you know what superheroes really do? They help others. While fighting villains, monsters, and aliens is what superheroes are normally seen doing, the core purpose is to help those who can’t help themselves. Spiderman uses his web-slinging to protect the people of New York. Batman does the same to keep the people of Gotham safe.

You can do the same. Let’s say one of your close friends has suffered a major personal loss and is in need of emotional support. Be that pillar of support. Be with them and help them get their life back on track.

Suppose you’re good at something, such as Tennis. You know a boy from the neighborhood who wants to learn Tennis, but his parents won’t send him to a tennis academy. You can be a superhero in his life by teaching him Tennis for free.

Take a walk in your city and find a homeless person. Make their day by giving them food, clothes, blanket, or money. Become a superhero in their life.

The ways of helping others are endless. Look around, and you’ll find hundreds of people in need of help – hundreds of opportunities to become a superhero.

Pick Your Fight

A common trait of all superheroes is that they fight against evil. In our world, evil entities aren’t Thanos or Godzilla. They are issues like poverty, lack of education, inequality, discrimination, etc.

Pick one of these villains and start your fight. Let’s say you want to help homeless veterans on the street. You can help them directly by giving them food, clothes, and money. Or you can help them indirectly by joining a charity organization working towards helping homeless people.

Or, you can raise your voice against the failures of the education system by starting a social media page or a blog.

Find your fight, and find a way to fight it.

Win the Internal Battle

You can’t be a superhero if you’re weak from the inside. So, before helping others, help yourself. Identify the problems in your life and tackle them one by one. Are you physically weak? Start exercising. Are you struggling at work? Acquire new skills and work harder. Is your relationship not working out? Sort it out with your partner.

You can help others only after you have peace in your mind. Focus on winning your internal battles first.

Final Thoughts

We all wanted to be a superhero when we were kids. We all have a chance to become one as the world continues to face numerous challenges. Pick your fight, help others, and become a superhero in someone else’s life.

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