The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2021 (Macmillan Cancer Support)

 The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2021 (Macmillan Cancer Support)

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a global and annual event to celebrate the world’s favorite beverage – coffee – and raise funds to support and strengthen the fight against cancer. It is an event by Macmillan’s Cancer Support and is observed on September 24 every year. 

Here’s all you need to know about World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. 

History and Overview

Established in 1911, Macmillan’s Cancer Support has grown to be the UK’s most prominent cancer support organization. The founder, Douglas Macmillan, lost his father to cancer and realized that many cancer patients and their caregivers are helpless. Not only was the treatment underdeveloped, but the cost to get that treatment was also very high.

Douglas launched Macmillan’s Cancer Support to help cancer patients and caregivers by raising funds for them and enabling them to receive the best possible treatment. 

The initiative started with two home visitors funded by the Society assisting cancer patients. They delivered supplies to their home. Later, the organization began installing television sets in hospital rooms to increase comfort for cancer patients. In 1969, Douglas Macmillan, who founded the Society, died of cancer. 

In 1991, the Society announced the first Biggest Coffee Morning to raise funds for cancer patients and became a global initiative. 

Importance of Supporting Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in people worldwide, claiming close to 10 million lives each year. Moreover, deaths from cancer are only increasing every year. Most cancer deaths occur by breast cancer, lung cancer, colon and rectum cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer. 

Though some people are at a higher risk of cancer, anyone can get cancer. The most common causes include chemical carcinogens (asbestos and tobacco), physical carcinogens (UV rays and radiation), and biological carcinogens (bacteria, viruses). 

Moreover, most cancers are identified at the end stage, when the chances of curing them are bleak. By supporting cancer research, we can contribute to the development of new cancer treatments. 

How to Observe World’s Biggest Coffee Morning?

Everyone should do two things on World’s Biggest Coffee Morning: drink coffee with their friends and family, and play a part in supporting cancer patients. Set up a small gathering with your loved ones and share a cup of coffee. 

As for supporting cancer patients, charity is the best approach. You can find some nonprofit cancer organizations and support them by either volunteering your time or donating money. 

Some popular cancer organizations in the US are:

  • Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute
  • AIM at Melanoma Foundation
  • Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology
  • American Brain Tumor Association
  • American Institute of Cancer Research
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology


Though the event is named as World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, its purpose is to raise funds to support cancer patients. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, and many cancer patients don’t get access to adequate treatment. By supporting cancer organizations, you can contribute to cancer research and the development of better cancer treatment and therapies. 

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