Top 10 Most Useful Innovations of 2021

 Top 10 Most Useful Innovations of 2021

After an intimidating 2020, 2021 has been significantly better. The pandemic has subsided, and life is back on track for most people worldwide. This year has also been a year of innovations, especially in the medical field. 

Let’s look at the top ten most useful innovations of 2021.

Presymptomatic Detection

Presymptomatic detection means detecting disease and beginning its treatment before it shows symptoms. Symptoms often appear when a disease has spread significantly in the body, making it difficult to cure. Presymptomatic detection enables timely detection and better treatment.

mRNA Vaccines

Biotechnologists have been working on messenger RNA vaccines for two decades. Finally, the latest COVID-19 vaccines use that technology. These vaccines are highly effective and hold great promise when it comes to disease prevention.

TikTok Recommendation Algorithm

TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms, has a unique recommendation algorithm.  Instead of highlighting content with mass appeal, TikTok fetches content from new creators and shows it to users based on their interests. 


Neural language processing (NLP), an application of AI, has already transformed the world of computing. The latest addition to AI’s applications is GTP-3, which is the most literate AI technology to date. IT can even mimic human written text!

Cradle-to-Cradle Plastics

The world loves and hates plastic. They are harmful to the environment, but they’re cheap and very efficient. Scientists have finally resolved this hurdle by creating a type of recyclable plastic that shares the same properties as regular plastic.

Cancer Therapy for Various Tumor Types

Cancer kills millions of people every year, and there is still no concrete treatment for the condition. Researchers have discovered new immunotherapy targets that can overcome tumor resistance and facilitate the cure of different cancers.

Lithium Metal Batteries

Electric cars are the future, and those who didn’t believe have started believing it now. The biggest issue with electric cars is that they take longer to charge and have short mileage. Newly developed lithium-metal batteries resolve this hurdle by increasing a car’s range by 80%. 

Strengthening Metals with Light

Scientists have developed a new type of polymer – photosensitive polymer – that doubles in hardness when exposed to light. This offers myriad opportunities for organizations working on high-performance fibers and durable coatings. 

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen has always been a potential substitute for fossil fuels, but its production process causes a lot of pollution. This problem is now resolved as a European company is laying down the infrastructure for producing green hydrogen.

Super-Repellant Adhesives

Fibrillar dry adhesives have found applications in robotics and wearable electronics. However, these adhesives weaken when exposed to system oils. Scientists have found a way to overcome this issue with the help of biomimetic super-repellant adhesives that repel system oils and other fluids.


Innovation is endless. This year, we have seen various innovations in healthcare, energy, and technology sectors that have the potential to reshape the world. These discoveries pave the way for a better and more sustainable future. 

Which innovation do you think is the most useful?

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