Self Care Tips for a Calm Mind

 Self Care Tips for a Calm Mind

We’ve all had good and bad times. There are days when we don’t want to get out of bed, take a bath, and go to work. Our mind is filled with negativity, self-doubt, jealousy, and anger. 

If you’re going through such a state, follow these self-care tips to calm your mind. 


Pick up any book on stress management, and you’ll find this word: meditation

In simple terms, meditation is a practice of focusing on your breath. But its benefits go way deeper. If done correctly, meditation can help you combat the physical and emotional effects of stress. It can help you relax, improve your focus, and increase your productivity. 

So, set aside 10-15 minutes a day (the more, the better) to meditate in a cold, calm environment, and you’ll soon experience the benefits. 

Practice self-compassion

Self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness are the three pillars of self-compassion. It enables you to notice your judgments and self-criticisms. 

By practicing self-compassion, you can accept reality and extend love and compassion to yourself in a way you would to a family member or a good friend. By doing this, you’ll stop measuring yourselves by the standards set by other people. 

Set routines

Setting routines may seem like a military school task, but it can have a huge impact on your peace of mind. When you follow set routines, your brain has less work to do during the day. This induces calmness and makes space for more important tasks. 

Stay away from negative self-talk and beliefs.

No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes. And mistakes are often accompanied by negative self-talk. 

We can’t entirely eliminate the feeling of worthlessness and negative beliefs, but we can sure distance ourselves from them. 

When you do something wrong, don’t judge yourself. It’s okay to have high expectations from yourself, but don’t be too harsh on yourself if things don’t go the way you wanted. 

Practice gratitude

It’s common to focus on the negatives when you’re having a bad day. It’s easy to slip into a tunnel vision and only see what’s going wrong instead of focusing on what’s going well. 

Even if you’re having a hard time, write down three good things each day that you’re grateful for. Looking for positivity and happy moments can make you happier and your mind calmer. 

Notice self-judgment

We all fear judgment from others. What we don’t understand is the harshest criticisms we face are mostly self-inflicted. 

Self-judgments can clutter and stress your mind. Therefore, it’s vital to notice your thought patterns and be aware of your inner critic thoughts. Once you understand internal judgments, you can easily replace them with calmness.  

Final thoughts

In most cases, all it takes is a few minutes of self-reflection and relaxation to clear the clutter in your head. Just know yourself better. Understand how you react to different situations, and how different actions around you affect you. 

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