International Week of Happiness at Work 2021

 International Week of Happiness at Work 2021

The perception of 9-5 jobs is changing. Previously, most employed professionals were unhappy with their job and wanted to quit. However, a recent survey revealed that a whopping 85% of Americans are happy with their job. A lot of credit goes to companies that have put effort into improving workplace culture and providing the best possible experience to employees. 

International Week of Happiness at Work is a global awareness event aimed at promoting workplace positivity and satisfaction. Here’s all you need to know about the event. 

What Is the International Week of Happiness at Work?

People spend more than a third of their day at work, with some people spending even 11 or 12 hours working. That’s 50% of your life. Working is essential to living a comfortable life, and everyone wants to be happy at work. 

International Week of Happiness at Work is a global initiative that encourages all organizations, small or big, to prioritize happiness at work. 

How to Celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work?

As a business owner or hiring manager, it’s your responsibility to create a happy work environment for your employees. During this International Week of Happiness at Work, you can take the following actions to improve the culture and environment in your company. 

Recognize Your Employees’ Hard Work and Progress

Employees work hard, and the only thing they need is appreciation and recognition. If you see your employees are working hard and making progress, highlight them in front of everyone and appreciate them. 

Make Employees Feel at Home

An employee can be happy only if they feel they belong to the company. You can make that happen by encouraging your employees to participate in decision-making sessions and acknowledge their ideas. 

Be Interested in Your Employees

As a boss, your responsibility is to get the best out of your employees. The best way to do that is by being genuinely interested in your employees. Take your guard off and have human-to-human interaction with your employees. Try to learn more about your employees and who they really are. 

Create a Light Environment

A tense workplace environment can lead to unhappy employees. Allow your employees to have fun and joke around as long as they don’t deviate from their goals. Unnecessary pressure can affect your employees’ performance, which in turn can affect the entire organization. 

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

This is critical. You must ensure that your employees are getting enough exercise and sleep. Even if your employees are willing to work long hours, instruct them to work for limited hours and maintain a perfect work-life balance. You can also offer surprise day-offs to make your employees happy. 


Happy employees form successful organizations. As a business owner or manager, your employees are your most important asset, so keeping them happy and satisfied is essential. International Week for Happiness at Work is a global initiative that encourages companies to create a favourable working environment for their employees. You can also join the movement by signing the Happiness at Work Manifesto.

So, what steps do you take to make your employees happy?

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