How to Receive and Spread Good Karma?

 How to Receive and Spread Good Karma?

Karma, as a modern-day concept, is inaccurate and misleading. Many believe it to be a buzzword meaning “you reap what you sow,” or “what you do will come back to you.” While these illustrations are not false, they’re incomplete.
Karma is an ancient concept, notably from the east, that focuses on doing what’s “right.” According to karma, life moves in a circle, and things you do – positive or negative – come back to you in some way or the other.
If the concept of karma befuddled you, remember this: practicing good karma can clear unrest in your life and fill it with happiness and positivity.
So, how can you spread and receive good karma? By following these simple steps.

Don’t lie, ever
When you tell a lie, even a small one, you set yourself up of untrust and deceit from others. Lying may seem like a quick escape from a difficult situation, but in the long run, the truth will emerge.
And when it does, others won’t trust you when they find out you’ve been lying. By telling the truth always, not only will you attract trustworthy people, but you’ll spread positivity and good karma.

Have a greater purpose in life
As soon as you get in control of your conscience, set clear intentions for what you want. After deciding on a goal, pursue it with honest hard work.
Also, have a purpose in life that’s higher than being successful or making money. Think about doing something good that imparts a positive impact on others’ lives and enables you to spread happiness.

Help people unconditionally
Following up with the previous point, helping others is an excellent way to spread and receive good karma. When you help people in need, they’re likely to help you when you are in need. And let’s face it, no matter who you are, you’ll need help someday.

Practice gratitude, kindness, and compassion
If you want others to treat you well, you need to do the same. Life is a circle; what you give is what comes back to you. Getting into fights, bullying people, spreading hatred, etc. will never bring you any good.
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Learn to forgive
We all live in a cinema-centric world where John Wick kills a ton of people because someone stole his car and murdered his dog. Though we may never find ourselves in such cinematic situations, there are instances where we all hold grudges and make avenging someone our sole motive.
Hurting someone, even in return, won’t help you recoup what you’ve lost. Besides, you’ll spread negativity and catalyze more adverse outcomes.
Instead, learn to forgive others. By practicing the act of forgiveness, you can clear away negativity and make people who did wrong to you realize their mistakes.

Final thoughts
With so much negativity flowing all around, the world needs a lot more good energy, and it all starts with you. Spread happiness and good karma, and notice the positivity coming back to you.
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