How Can You Promote Fairtrade and Make a Difference?

 How Can You Promote Fairtrade and Make a Difference?

Fairtrade is on the rise, and consumers and companies across the world are putting in efforts to support it. You can also be a part of the movement and extend your support to farmers and workers. 

But how?

Well, there are numerous ways to support Fairtrade, ranging from buying Fairtrade products to promoting them. Here are five ways you can promote Fairtrade and make a difference. 

Purchase Fairtrade Products

The most convenient way to support Fairtrade is by shopping for products that are Fairtrade certified. These products come with a distinct Fairtrade mark. When you buy these products, you indirectly support farmers by supporting companies that buy Fairtrade products from farmers and producers. 

For example, Divine Chocolate uses Fairtrade cocoa. If you buy it, you support cocoa farmers in Ghana. 

Purchase Fairtrade-Certified Food

You can also buy Fairtrade produce, including cocoa, coffee, flowers, sugar, tea, fruits, and more. Note that every product that is produced on the farm or from those materials can be Fairtrade. All you need to do is look for the certification mark. If you’re uncertain about whether a product is Fairtrade, confirm with the store manager. 

Give Back

You can take your support for Fairtrade to another level by donating to companies and nonprofits that buy Fairtrade products. Most Fairtrade organizations allow you to offer you support by donating or volunteering. Extending your helping hand – in terms of money or time – can go a long way in supporting Fairtrade and empowering farmers and workers. 

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about Fairtrade and how it can bring a positive change to farmers’ lives. Share with them the struggles of the farmers and how supporting Fairtrade can make their lives better.

And don’t limit yourself to friends and family members. Spreading the word about something is easier than ever in this era of digitization and social media. Share the characteristics and benefits of Fairtrade with your social media connections and how a small help from their side can change someone’s life. 

Become a Fairtrade Certified Business

All the above steps are passive, as you can’t directly support the farmers. If you want to get involved and work closely with farmers and workers, become a Fairtrade-certified business. By doing so, you can buy products from farmers at a fair price and provide them with other benefits, such as guaranteed wages, premium prices, and more. 

If you’re already a business, things will be much easier for you. You already have the resources, and all you need to do is get certified and partner with the farmers. 

Final Thoughts

Every Fairtrade product you purchase can bring a smile to the farmers’ faces. But over the years, the exploitation of farmers has increased. Fairtrade continues to be a pillar of support, helping farmers and workers get the economic, environmental, and social support they deserve. 

You can also be a part of the movement by purchasing, promoting, and selling Fairtrade products.

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