National Simplicity Day

 National Simplicity Day

As humans, our needs and desires have only grown over the years. It’s good in a way, as the more people want, the harder they work. However, sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back and live life in a simpler manner.

That’s what National Simplicity Day is for. Let’s discuss the history and importance of National Simplicity Day and how you can celebrate it.

History and Background

National Simplicity Day is celebrated on July 12 every year to remember Henry David Thoreau on his birth anniversary. Born on July 12, 1817, Henry was an author, poet, and philosopher whose writings advocated living a simpler and more content life.

Now, why is National Simplicity Day important? Well, in this era of mobile phones, social media, and materialistic belongings, people need to embrace simplicity and enjoy small things in life. While switching to a simpler life all of a sudden is not possible, National Simplicity Day presents an opportunity to turn off your “busy” switch for a day, sit back, and relax.

How to Celebrate National Simplicity Day?

You can celebrate National Simplicity Day by adding more simplicity to your life. Let’s look at some tips by Henry David Thoreau to simplify your life.

Don’t Be Unnecessarily Stressed

Humankind is suffering from a new condition – they enjoy being busy and stressed. Believe it or not, but people nowadays are comfortable when under stress. And when they’re not stressed, they look for triggers that stress them out. It’s important to let go of unnecessary stress.

Live for a Purpose

Do you often get this feeling that nothing makes sense? If yes, then you haven’t discovered it in your life. A purpose can be as simple as having no strings attached or working hard for something more than earning money.

Discover What’s Important to You

Having clarity in life is essential, and it boils down to realizing what is important to you. Most of the clutter in our life is because we can’t prioritize things in life. Do you often end up buying stuff you don’t need, but you just buy it because it would make you look better or acceptable? When you find what is important to you, you can focus on more essential things in life.

Live Away from Technology

Laptops, mobile phones, social media, and other tech are toxins. You become addicted to them, and gradually, your life depends on them. While it’s not possible to completely delete tech in today’s digital age, try to stay away from it as much as possible.

Value Relationships

When was the last time you sat down with your family and had a good conversation? Value your relationships and spend more time with your loved ones. Give time to people who matter in your life.

Final Thoughts

Living a simple life is the key to happiness. The simpler your life is, the fewer distractions you have, which will ultimately lead to less stress. This National Simplicity Day, try to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your life and focus on things that truly matter.

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