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Bullying Prevention Month 2021

Bullying at school and work is on the rise. Studies show that one in five students report being bullied at least once in their school time. Moreover, there is a strong association between bullying and suicide. A person who has been bullied is 2.2x more likely to commit suicide than a person who has never […]Read More


International Week of Happiness at Work 2021

The perception of 9-5 jobs is changing. Previously, most employed professionals were unhappy with their job and wanted to quit. However, a recent survey revealed that a whopping 85% of Americans are happy with their job. A lot of credit goes to companies that have put effort into improving workplace culture and providing the best […]Read More


How to: Leave Your 9 to 5 Job and Start

Believe it or not – 85% of people hate their jobs. While the rise of remote work and flexible working culture has made people love their jobs again, the majority of employees are still unhappy at work.  It’s great if you enjoy your job, but if you don’t, you might be looking for a way […]Read More


Tips to Create a Healthy Working Environment

A healthy and comfortable working environment leads to healthy and happy employees. Working professionals spend a significant portion of their life at their workplace. Therefore, the workplace environment affects not only their performance but also their overall life. Here is how companies can create a healthy work environment for their employees. Promote Wellness Workplace wellness […]Read More