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International Day of Charity 2021

Observed by the UN General Assembly, the International Day of Charity is globally recognized annually on September 5th. The primary objective of this day is to encourage people to participate in charities and do something for the greater good.  Let’s take a look at the historical significance of International Day of Charity, along with how […]Read More


The Best Activities For Summer 2021

Summer is here, and it won’t stay for too long. Schools and colleges are closed, the weather is warm, and pools and beaches are open. If you, too, love summer, we’ve put together some great things you can do this summer. Let’s delve in. Go for a Picnic In this era of smartphones and Netflix, […]Read More


Volunteers’ Week: 1-7 June

National Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration observed in many countries on different dates. In the UK, it takes place in the first week of June. Let’s discuss the significance of Volunteers’ Week in the UK, along with how it’s celebrated in the country.  What Is Volunteers’ Week? Almost all nonprofits, from large charities to […]Read More